Welcome to Sze Chuan House!

This restaurant is located in the scenic Roxas Boulevard, the famous natural harbor of Manila Bay, Manila Bay sunset is famous all over the world. The company was founded in 1977 by the people of the creation of the late famous chamber of Commerce Cai Jinzhong, has so far for 40 years.

Most of the overseas Chinese who lived in Philippines in early years came from Southern Fujian (Jinjiang, Quanzhou and other places). Before 1960s, there were basically no decent restaurants, only some small shops selling Southern Fujian dishes. Since 1970s, because of the success of many Chinese business enterprises, the economic strength has risen greatly, and Manila began to appear relatively large Chinese restaurants, but most of them are Cantonese.

Cai Jinzhong is chairman of the time often travel in Taiwan, Manila, see Sichuan is very popular in Taiwan, he Dujuhuiyan, immediately be introduced to Philippines, in some of the main The Grand Hotel (Aloha Hotel) founded the first downstairs Philippines Sichuan Museum - Sichuan restaurant, once opened will come into fashion popular until today!

This restaurant for forty years as one day, adheres to the principle of customer first, excellence, strive to the Sichuan enthusiasts to provide first-class food, first-class service, many of our customers are come to a ripe old age from the youth, the restaurant of Sichuan and the good they love to express my heartfelt thanks!